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Volume 1, n. 1, 2021

Article IJS-2021-01 - Psychological symptoms in the elderly living alone during the pandemic COVID-19

Authors - Priscilla Machado Montezano Bastos; Amanda Ribeiro de Almeida Espíndola; Fernando Bezerra Silva; Laína Adelaide Xavier da Costa; Sinomara dos Santos Mendes do Nascimento; Thaiz Kétura Cajueiro Estivalle Bilhalva

Abstract - There is a worldwide trend in the increase of the elderly population and with this health care increases and with the new COVID-19 virus, this population in particular needs redoubled care. This research, conducted through the Google Forms platform, relates to the theme "Psychological symptoms during the pandemic in isolated elderly". Through a statistical analysis using the SPSS software, we noticed that most of the answers reinforce the idea that greater care and investment is needed with the mental health of the elderly, especially at this time of pandemic and social isolation. The information gathered indicated the need for greater psychological support, either face-to-face or virtual for this group specifically.

doi: 10.29327/229003.1.1-6

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Article IJS-2021-02Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the early years of Regular Schools

Authors - Eliete Maria Da Silva Costa; Glécia Maria Do Nascimento; Lavínia Samyra Lins De Lima; Stella Dara Da Conceição Silva; Weslley Douglas Araujo Barbosa Da Silva

Abstract - Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neuro-developmental disorder that can be observed in the first stage of the child's life, through communication and social interaction that occurs atypically. Therefore, the way the family deals with such a situation is essential for the growth and social adaptation of the individual. Thus, this study aimed to analyze the symptoms, behavior and therapeutic approaches that encompass the given context to collaborate with the intervention of autism.

doi: 10.29327/229003.1.1-5

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Article IJS-2021-03The damage caused by fake news in the human psyche

Authors - Thamiris Gabriele Paula Silva de Souza, Danilo Barros da Silva; Eduardo Felipe Souza Silva; Lívia Caroline da Conceição Pereira; Thaliane Rafaele Silva de Melo

Abstract - Fake News is conceptualized as the dissemination of false information, with the intention of causing disorder or hurting something or someone. It can be seen that the psyche of the victims of this type of propagation is little portrayed, leaving them in oblivion; this article aims to show that there is a danger to be attacked in the face of those harmed by this fallacy, bringing real data through a questionnaire applied to an eclectic group, generating results with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software and thus being able to carefully analyze all the data obtained so that it could reach a conclusive result. The feelings caused in the victims after the act of Fake News, if not treated in the proper way with proper psychological follow-up, can be aggravated by bringing bigger problems in the future, taking into account that there are several paths that the mind can resort to when one is in a moment of panic; Due to the above considerations, it is feasible that the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) and the Unified Health System (SUS) step up the methods about all involved; going directly to the root of the problem and making people aware of the problems they can cause to others with small attitudes and offering psychological support to those who have been damaged, so that one can avoid worse problems.

doi: 10.29327/229003.1.1-4

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Article IJS-2021-04Mental Health and Psycho social Care for People with Disabilities

Authors - Adrielly Kayane da Silva Sena; Cátia Maria Silva de Oliveira; José Ricardo de Abreu Afonso

Abstract - Much is discussed about the importance of having good mental health, especially in this pandemic time of the new Coronavirus that we are facing. Some psychologists claim that mental disorders arising from this context will last for a longer time than the virus itself, showing the great impact on mental health of almost half of the world's population. When we talk about mental health and psychosocial care to people with disabilities, we find a very scarce literature, sometimes only mentioning a certain type of disability, when in fact if there is a need to have a macro, critical and sensitive look on the subject, taking into account all types of disability, whether of hereditary, congenital or acquired origin.

doi: 10.29327/229003.1.1-3

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Article IJS-2021-05Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Authors - Maria Alyce de Lima Alves; Maria Eduarda Ferreira da Silva; Mayara Madalena de Souza; Ryan Rodrigo da Silva Oliveira; Yasmin Maria da Silva França

Abstract - The current study made us conduct a bibliographical research with the objective of understanding more about the importance of treatment, difficulties and what is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and the social environment's action on who has this problem, emphasizing the therapeutic medicinal process through the individual with the disorder. A research was conducted with questions related to this disorder to get an idea of people's knowledge and lead them to clarify their doubts about this dysfunction. In the work, the medical and psychotherapeutic treatment, quality of life in education and in the social environment, their difficulties and prejudices with people with ADHD, and how important their insertion in society in a very inclusive way was emphasized.

doi: 10.29327/229003.1.1-2

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Article IJS-2021-06Anxiety Disorder in High School Students

Authors - Ana Cecília de Carvalho Cunha, Jéssica Rodrigues dos Santos, Lyzandra Aparecida de Souza Ferraz, Maria Alessandra Assis de Carvalho, Rita de Cássia dos Santos Silva

Abstract - Much is discussed about anxiety disorder, which has become very frequent in the life of "pre-vestibular". In this logic, in the present study, we will present anxiety disorder as a consequence of the overload and psychological pressure suffered by high school students. To this end, we conducted a search through Google Forms that is included in questions about the daily life of students and how they feel about the amount of activities, the tension of the entrance exam and in relation to the approval of society as a mediator of professions. The results presented were placed in the software Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) version 22.0, and state that most schools are not professionally prepared to deal with anxiety disorder, as well as other possible disorders developed in the adolescence phase.

doi: 10.29327/229003.1.1-1

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