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Volume 6, Número 2, Ano: 2024,
ISSN: 2763-5392

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IJS-1701 Common Mental Disorders: Integration of Psychotherapy as a Treatment in Addition to the Use of Psychotropic Drugs

Author(s): Rodrigues, T.S.S.; França, A.V.S; Nascimento, W.A.; Mendonça. R.S.; Silva, G.E.L.; Andrade, M.M.F.; Silva, L.A.; Rufino, M.V.M.; Santos, J.W.M.; Rondeli, H.G.; Silva, N.A.M.; Conceição, I.M.; Oliveira, M.J.; Felix, P.T. 

Abstract: Evolution has always been present in the life of the human being, nowadays we see an acceleration of this evolution, linked to the advancement of science and technologies, the human being sees himself in the need to learn, adapt, and deal with various demands that are often exhausting, with this, the consequences arise. The first decades of the twenty-first century have been marked by the large number of diagnoses of mental disorders, and consequently the use of psychotropic drugs, the side effects of these medications are known, so the discussion about other types of treatment such as psychotherapy arises, since the causes for most of these diagnoses are social and not necessarily biological. The absence of public policies in basic issues such as work, education and security indirectly interferes with the mental health of the population, and the population seeks to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Keywords: Common Mental Disorders (CMD). Psychopharmaceuticals


DOI:  10.29327/229003.6.2-1

IJS-1702 Post-traumatic stress disorder and how it affects memory

Author(s): Melo, A.R.G.M.; Olegário, A.L.N.; Santos, G.M.F.; Silva, G.E.L.; Conceição, I.M.; Medeiros, J.Q.F.; Santos, M.E.N.; Oliveira, M.J.; Oliveira, R.J.S.; Nascimento, R.G.S.; Rodrigues, T.S.S.; Felix, P.T.

Abstract: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) generates different debates about its impacts on memory. Stress is linked to the production of cortisol, which has the function of keeping our body in "alert", thus generating fight or flight behaviors, but with human evolution, these innate survival behaviors have been poorly adapted to the present day, thus causing in the long term the development of mental disorders such as PTSD causing memory impairment. The objective of this article was to convey the damage caused by PTSD in memory, the discussions regarding contemporary interpretations of trauma, the evolution of the understanding of trauma over time, in addition to pointing out the differences between Brazilian and foreign articles. In order to develop this study, a literature review was used to address the aforementioned themes. 

Keywords: Memory. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Violence. History. Psychological trauma.

DOI: 10.29327/229003.6.2-2

IJS-1703 Effects of early mobilization in critically ill patients in intensive care units: an integrative review of the literature

Author(s): Souza, C.B.O.; Silva, J.L.; Santos, L.J.; Silva, A.G.D.; França, R.G.P.; Filho, J.L.S.; Silva, L.R.S.; Melo, P.E.D; Monteiro, B.R.D.A.L.

Abstract: Introduction: Mechanical ventilation is a procedure essentially used in intensive care units (ICUs) to provide respiratory support to patients with acute respiratory failure. Although it is a vital intervention, prolonged mechanical ventilation time can lead to significant complications, such as muscle weakness, atrophy, respiratory dysfunction, and increased length of ICU stay. Methodology: Data collection took place through the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), Google Scholar, Scielo, PubMed and BIREME, through bibliographic research of articles published in the period from 2017 to 2022. Findings: The sample consisted of 133 articles, of which 122 were pre-selected, 86 excluded, totaling 05 articles for the final sample. Final Thoughts: Through this study, it was possible to conclude that ICU-acquired muscle weakness is a frequent complication that can happen to several patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit , which can impair the area of muscle mass and strength, causing various problems related to prolonged hospitalization time, mechanical ventilation and neuromuscular blockers.

Keywords: Physical therapy; Early mobilization; Intensive care.

DOI: 10.29327/229003.6.2-3

IJS-1704 The effect of virtual reality on child development in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD): an integrative review of the literature

Author(s): Ferreira, H.V.L.S.; Anjos, M.C.A.; Silva, A.S.; Silva, J.R.S.; Moura, J.J.F.S.; Melo, A.L.S.A.; Costa, A.V.C.; Souza, J.V.S.; Silva, E.H.A.; Melo, P.E.D.; Monteiro, B.R.D.A.L.

Abstract: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a deficit in neuropsychomotor behavior, approximately 80% of children with ASD have deficits in child development, which can lead to dyskinesia, sleep disorders, speech delay, epilepsy and repetitive behaviors. Virtual Reality (VR), through its dynamics, is a proposal that acts on the development of neuropsychomotor capacities in individuals with ASD. The present study aimed to highlight the effect of virtual reality on the development of individuals with ASD. This is an integrative review of the literature, in which a survey was carried out in the databases: PUBMED, LILACS, SCIELO, published between the years 2019 and 2023, in English and Portuguese. A total of 22 articles were found. Of this total, 15 were excluded because they were not original articles and 07 were considered eligible and chosen to read the abstract, and 03 were excluded because they did not fit the theme worked. In the end, 04 articles were selected to be read in full, which really presented relevance to the theme. The use of VR brings several benefits to the neuropsychomotor development of individuals with ASD, presenting a significant improvement in functions.

Keywords: Virtual Reality. Autism Spectrum Disorder. Fatil Development.

DOI: 10.29327/229003.6.2-4

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