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Volume 1, n. 3, 2021

Article IJS-2021-0301 - Suicide and Transsexuality: A phenomenological-existential analysis of the meanings of experiences from case studies

Authors - Nicole Stephanie Moura do Nascimento; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - This study arises from the urgent need to discuss and visualize the risk of suicide for transsexuals, as it is a risk group that is not feasible. The method chosen was based on three case studies and phenomenological analysis of their narratives, using semi-structured interviews. The research was carried out in the trans space of the Hospital das Clínicas de Pernambuco (HC). The objectives were achieved to the extent that the subjects narrated their historicity identifying the meanings of the experiences lived and reconstructing in various temporalities. Therefore, we observed how much the issue of suicide is present in the narratives, because the sufferings are intense and almost unbearable, as well as it was possible to identify protective and overcoming factors. The results contribute to an in-depth look at the issues related to suffering and possibilities of suicide or life in transsexuality, in which the possibilities of this study do not end and it is expected that it can elucidate new studies from this.

DOI: 10.29327/229003.1.3-1

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Article IJS-2021-0302 - The Implications of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in contemporary women's triple shift workday

Authors - Alzirene Andrade da Fonseca; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - This article presents a theoretical discussion that is based on the findings made in a work of completion of undergraduate course in the area of Psychology, aiming at the presentation of implications of Generalized Anxiety Disorder in the triple working day of contemporary women. The basis of the research was the bibliographic review with narrative, discursive and qualitative approach, which, in recent decades, has proposed the understanding and evolution of women through struggles and achievements in the labor market. The theoretical discourse has three main milestones: Clara Araujo and Maria Scalon, bring the insertion of women in work and their social conquest. Luria presents the perspective of Neuropsychology in brain dynamics and human behavior and, Judith Beck, the relationship of therapist and patient. The results describe the burden of tasks that women occupy, becoming prone to develop emotional disorders associated with stress, anxiety and depression caused, above all, by physical and psychic overload in the triple working day. Therefore, a complex look emerges that appears mainly in the context of contemporary women, affected by such psychological and physical sufferings. All this directly implies the reorganization of automatic thoughts, central and intermediate beliefs.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-2

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Article IJS-2021-0303 - The importance of Guidance and Mobility (GM) for the teacher of Specialized Educational Care (SEC)

Authors - Natali Maria Andrade da Silva; Nadja Maria Barbosa; Artur José Braga de Mendonça

Abstract - The general objective of the article will be to present the Guidance and Mobility (GM) as necessary for the training of the specialized educational care professional (SEC). This objective will be achieved through the specific objectives, which will be: to study the performance of the ESA teacher  and the little training of this professional in the area of visual impairment; to highlight the importance of training the teacher of the ESA classroom, in orientation and mobility, to facilitate accessibility in the face of some attentional barriers encountered by the visually impaired; to show the positive points of the ESA teacher having knowledge about GM. The problem will be the ignorance of the area of Guidance and Mobility. The method adopted is a qualitative methodological research, where an analysis and description will be made on the theme addressed, with the purpose of discussing and affirming the need of the ESA teacher to have in his basic education the knowledge about Guidance and Mobility, so that, within his/her performance, he/she has the capacity to develop the autonomy of his student, besides stimulating the learning of the same. Based on bibliographic research in articles, books and sites focused on this theme, the work will be addressed. Thus, it is expected, as a main result, that the professionals of the ESA understand the importance of training in GM, so that it is properly qualified to meet its student with visual impairment.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-3

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Article IJS-2021-0304 - Sexual abuse in men and the repercussion of the concept of masculinity on affective development

Authors - Igor Gomes dos Santos; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - This study aims to understand how the concept of masculinity can have repercussions on the discourse of men who are victims of child sexual abuse. To this end, the concept of masculinity in society is questioned in research and how these restricted convictions, which often function as a kind of manual of masculinity, imply in the subject's conduct, and how often this belief in a specific way of being a man ends up implicated from an early age that man needs to give up his feelings and that , some of the most natural acts such as crying should always be censored, making boys men with serious difficulties in demonstrating and recognizing their feelings. Next is a study on what would be the implications of these concepts of masculinity strongly related to sexuality and strength, when this man is deprived of this place through sexual violence, making a connection with the culture of rape that encourages boys to think and wish to start their sex life from an early age, bringing a different point of view from common sense , who denies the possibility that a boy may be abused by a woman and that practices such as taking boys to start sexually in brothels should also be seen as sexual violence. Finally, it is addressed how this concept of masculinity also affects the search for help, in addition to this social is present in the subject's discourse in the therapeutic setting and how it is necessary for the professional to be aware of such implications to propose a properly welcoming and judgment-free environment. To address the proposed theme, the article was constructed from a narrative bibliographic review.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-4

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Article IJS-2021-0305 - Sexually Transmitted Diseases: what adolescents know

Authors - Rosane Maria de Albuquerque; Eloizy Victoria da Silva; Maria Eduarda Bezerra de Souza e Silva; Maria Karollyne dos Santos Paiva; Rayana Carla Silva de Morais

Abstract - Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a worldwide public health problem. The literature includes more than 30 sat-causing agents that can be classified as fungi, viruses and bacteria that can cause symptoms such as itching or even cause infertility or death. The objective of this study was to evaluate the level of knowledge of adolescents about sexually transmitted infections. A quantitative research was conducted through a questionnaire to assess the level of knowledge of adolescents from public schools in the city of Vitória de Santo Antão- PE (Brazil).  Most adolescents knew the meaning of the acronym STIs (80%), 74% said they knew of some sexually transmitted infection, 70% of the participants reported that the school did some kind of activity related to the prevention of STIs.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-5

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Article IJS-2021-0306 - Rereading about the interfaces of feminism in the socio-cultural tries of women

Authors - Kathyelle Ninfa Moneta Souza do Amaral ; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - The historicity of women in different places and their trajectory are ideal to be analyzed, including when they were subjected to lower conditions, to the moment they went in search of their rights, aiming to articulate the feminist movement to the perspective of existential psychology before these women. The aim of this article is to investigate feminism in the light of existential psychology, understanding the historicity of women, the interfaces of the feminist movement and its sociocultural aspects. A study of narrative bibliographic review was carried out, with a qualitative approach. It was found that through the compression of women's history and the understanding of how it is constituted in the past, they are revealed of their attitudes in the present, relate their actions and thoughts from existentialism, in order to understand how these women are in the world, especially in the relationship between existentialism and feminism.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-6

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Article IJS-2021-0307 - Fluid Gender in the academic sphere: a question of inclusion

Authors - Jerciane Maria da Silva Moura; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - "Fluid Gender" refers to a type of identity, that's how the subject recognizes himself. Seeking to understand “Fluid Gender” we can perceive nowadays the suffering of these individuals before a normative hetero society, where there is an incessant search for inclusion and recognition of rights. The overall objective of this article is to understand how the academic space conducts the process of inclusion of students who are “Fluid Genre". The methodology used was the bibliographic narrative research based on books and articles, and the choices of the materials were based on the questions that discussed the theme. The results and discussion is to understand the need to know gender flowing and a way to talk about inclusion because it is understood that in academies there is still a masked prejudice and that gender differences are still seen as abnormal. Knowing that each individual has a current tendency and has the ability to change consciously and rationally, and their behaviors and thoughts form either basis for the formation of personality and their sexuality, studying the fluid gender makes us seek to understand the suffering experienced by each individual. Thus, the importance of knowing the different types of genres is emphasized, remembering that academies are a space of socialization and diversity.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-7

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Article IJS-2021-0308 - Trans Identity: psychological evaluation for gender-affirming surgeries

Authors - Luana Pricila da Silva; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - The article aims to understand how psychological evaluation can facilitate the emotional aspects of patients who will undergo gender affirmation surgery. To respond to the research theme, we talked, at first, about the concepts of gender, gender identity and transsexuality. As well as, research into how the pathology of transsexuality has historically been established. Subsequently, historical milestones are presented about the beginning of trans genitalization surgery, its precursors and professionals in the area who gave visibility to the transsexual movement from studies on the subject. Finishing with the necessary requirements for the subject to be able to perform the procedure by the Unified Health System - SUS. It leads to a reflection on the importance of the process of psychological preparation for trans genitalization surgery and how the process of psychological evaluation for gender affirmation surgery and the role of the psychology professional in meeting this demand, which seeks to work the singularity of the subject, his fears and longings that may come along the transsexualizing process.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-8

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Article IJS-2021-0309 - The transsexual body in psychological listening

Authors -Rivaldo Mendes da Silva; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - The psychological listening of the trans population is an emerging subject to be discussed, because they are still victims of transphobias in social spaces because they do not understand their bodies. In order to understand the trans bodies for psychological listening. This article was constructed and has as methodology a review of the literature with books and articles, using as a method the registration for analysis of materials. The descriptors were: psychological listening, gender and transsexuals were used for research. To think about listening to the trans population is to understand how their corporeity is desired to be heteronormatized since it is a body that runs away from binary. Therefore, the performance of psychology needs to be empathic and supported by gender studies, since people are subjective.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-9

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Article IJS-2021-0310 - The construction of the Trans “mother-son relationship”, through the sociocultural perspective

Authors - Lívia Geovana Parente de Barros; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - The research seeks to understand the construction of the trans “mother-son relationship” through Vygotsky's sociocultural perspective. Since this mother, having constituted herself within a heteronormative society, in which this theme is still seen as a social taboo, her access to information necessary for her to understand and deal with this demand is insufficient. Vygotsky was chosen because he represented the understanding of the relationship between personal development and the socio-historical context. In his theory, he established important concepts such as mediation, internalization, instruments, signs, symbols, concepts and language that helped the conception of this research. The design used was the bibliographic, using as references materials previously published in books, articles, theses, dissertations, articles and collections available on the Internet. In view of this, it was perceived that it is not an easy trajectory, but the way that the mother conducts this period, for herself and for the child, can harm or strengthen the creation of bond between them.


DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-10

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Article IJS-2021-0311 - Family and experience of sexuality in young people of the "Z" generation

Authors - Shirley de Oliveira Cabral; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - The article aims to address the theme of sexuality among young people today, also called generation "Z", and the difficulties they have in experiencing this new behavior in the family environment. The current sexual experience of young people of the "Z" generation is an aspect that should be observed and studied, considering that such experience takes place through the identification they make among their peers or tribes, as they say. But the greatest psychological impact of this experience today is not in the freedom and naturalness with which it has been lived, but in the family acceptance, represented by parents or guardians, who have introjected into themselves, personal paradigms of their generations. Therefore, what occurs, and is not perceived among such family members, is that generations have been changing rapidly, because what will once take on average 20 years to change, reduces in to 10, in a short time will be in 5 years.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-11

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Article IJS-2021-0312 - Sexual violence in women: a review of the literature from psychology

Authors - Fernanda Nogueira Silva; Mayara Pérola Maciel dos Santos; Fabiane Gonçalves

Abstract - Patriarchal tradition has long assigned man an "active" role in the social and sexual relationship between the sexes, while decreasing female sexuality to passivity and reproduction. If not, the woman was left the place of procreator and owner of the home, with the advent of feminism, the woman began to occupy important spaces, but still with many challenges. Thus, the maintenance of sexist speeches and violence against women, show a social symptom of rejection of women and control of bodies, as in sexual violence. In this sense, the objective of this research was to investigate the academic productions published in the field of psychology, in the databases (BDTD, SciELO and CAPES Periodical) in the period from 2010 to 2020, about sexual violence in women. What has Brazilian psychology produced, from the point of view of theoretical articulation about sexual violence in women and their psychic repercussions? As a result, we had 88 scientific materials that were analyzed, with only 16 of these data, included with regard to the research objective. With this systematic literature review, it was noticed that the area of psychology concentrates little volume of discussion in relation to sexual violence, in this space of a decade, and in relation to theories or approaches used by researchers to understand the phenomenon, the Social psychology has been widely used, while other aspects of psychology are rarely raised. In this way, this research adds up and also arouses the interest of psychologists and academics for the exploration and greater scientific discussions on this theme, since it is so current and pertinent for study.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-12

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Article IJS-2021-0313- Factors that influence teachers' dysphonia: a review

Authors - Amanda Kelly Silva de Albuquerque; Anayres Silva de Lima, Maria de Fátima Silva de Sousa; Emanuella Barros de Souza Oliveira Alvares; Allyson Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes

Abstract - Through the literature review, the results of this study indicate that the use resulting from the voice in the work environment can trigger serious vocal problems associated with several factors and especially when used in excess. Objective: To analyze the factors that influence the loss of teachers' voices, indicate the incidence, causality factors and possible influences. Methodology: articles and books were surveyed with search in the following databases: Lilacs, Google Scholar, PubMed, Scielo and in the book Dysphonia’s: diagnosis and treatment. Result: Dysphonic disorder has been increasingly frequent in teachers, and may be caused by hereditary, behavioral, lifestyle and mainly by excessive use of the voice. Conclusion: The use resulting from the voice in the work environment has triggered serious problems in the voice and often led the teacher to absenteeism from the work environment.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-13

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Article IJS-2021-0314- The training of pharmaceutical professionals and their insertion in the unified health system (SUS): an integrative literature review

Authors - Luciano Júnior da Silva Vasconcelos; Emilly Tainá Batista da Silva; Barbara Rafaelly da Silva Lacerda; Emivaldo Batista da Silva; Allyson Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes; Emanuella Barros de Souza Oliveira Álvares

Abstract - In the 1980s, the role of pharmacists in society became a topic of discussion in the category, necessarily accompanied by the discussion on pharmaceutical education. The present study aimed to conduct an integrative review of the scientific literature in order to understand the training of the pharmaceutical professional and its insertion in public health. A survey of the literature was carried out from January to December 2019, in the PERIODIC CAPES and Google Scholar databases. It was found that few studies offer an analysis in relation to the training of pharmaceutical professionals and their insertion in public health. It is concluded, even if synthetically, it is noted that Brazilian public health, over many years, had to adapt the need of the pharmaceutical professional, even as a form of recognition, going back to the pestilences and atrocities experienced, whose pharmaceutical performance was necessary, solidary and essential.

DOI 10.29327/229003.1.3-14

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