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Volume 2, Número 1, Ano: 2021,
ISSN: 2763-5392

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Article IJS-2021-0401 - Applications of Aloe vera, as herbal, in the treatment of healing of skin diseases: a review of the literature

Authors - Júlia Oliveira Machado; Dayana Correia de Almeida; Luciano Lins Júnior; Mateus Henrique Aragão de Sales; Anthony Batista da Silva Matias; Mauricio Luiz de Oliveira; Elymax Miquéias Lima Teodosio dos Santos; Cristiane Rodrigues; Elaina Alves dos Santos; José Ricardo de França Silva; Maria Eduarda da Silva Barbosa; Samia Dayana Lemos de Lacerda; Thiago David dos Santos Silva; Allyson Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes

Abstract - The use of medicinal plants has modernized over the years, from the easiest ways of treatment to the most technological forms of industrial handling used by modern man. Aloe vera, popularly known in Brazil as aloe vera has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine for various treatments. The work aimed to make a bibliographic survey of articles that point to the pharmacological action of Aloe vera. It was found that several biological activities are attributed to aloe. Evidence suggests efficacy in the treatment of psoriasis, genital herpes, burns and hyperglycemia. Based on the material studied, it is concluded that in folk medicine, it serves to heal wounds, bruises, irritations, tonics, purgatives and gastritis. In view of the several proven activities and few cases of contraindication, it is concluded that the use of the species corroborates the vast popular use.

DOI: 10.29327/229003.2.1-1

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Article IJS-2021-0402 - Importance about knowledge about human papillomavirus (HPV) and forms of contamination for the prevention of cervical cancer: a literature review

Authors - Aline Silva do Nascimento; Paloma Emanuele de Oliveira Rocha; Elianay Lima do Carmo; Natália Barbosa Pimentel; Tamires Eduarda Ferreira Salvino; Sidrielly Cecília Clarice de Assunção; Igor Gustavo Alves das Neves; Maria Clara Bezerra Gabu; Fábio Abel de Carvalho; Luzia Virgínia da Silva; Rayane Vitória Rodrigues Chagas; Adeilda da Silva Alves; Maysa Lohanna Barbosa Santos; Maria Lucikelly Beatriz de Andrade; Anayres Silva de Lima, Allyson Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes.

Abstract - The human papilloma virus (HPV) is a more frequent Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs). It is a type of virus that infects from unprotected sexual intercourse, and can cause cervical lesions and genital warts. The objective of this study was to describe the pathology (HPV) and emphasize the importance of knowledge of the disease Due to few studies emphasizing the problem, the high number of new cases in the population is notorious. This work is a bibliographical research of the narrative type, elaborated from articles published in the databases. The results pointed to the need for preventive intervention, with a greater focus on educational actions, such as raising awareness of the importance of conducting the colpo-cytological examination and treating the LPCC. It is also worth mentioning the low perception of vulnerability among women, allowing greater susceptibility to STD and HPV.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-2

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Article IJS-2021-0403 - Tuberculosis and botulism (pathologies still neglected): a literature review

Authors - Josslayne de Oliveira Albuquerque; Cristiane de Oliveira Vasconcelos; Elionay Gomes dos Santos Silva; Eloizy Victoria da Silva; Geovana Vanessa Hora de Freitas; Inaldo José da Silva Júnior; Jefferson de Oliveira Barboza; Lídia Mayara Soares de Sousa; Maria Milena Gomes Cavalcanti de Melo; Paulo César Barbosa de Brito Filho, Yasmim da Silva Oliveira; Emanuella Barros de Souza Oliveira Álvares; Allyson Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes.

Abstract - Tuberculosis and botulism are just two of the many pathogens that bacteria can cause. The microorganism that causes tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, has a very ancient origin, being widely studied and discussed, yet it is a neglected disease. Botulism has worldwide distribution, in which it affects isolated people or can even cause family outbreaks, generally related to the production and preservation of food. The article aims to describe, through a bibliographic survey, two of the main diseases caused by bacteria: botulism and tuberculosis that are still neglected. Bacteria are present in various environments and are microorganisms prone to emanating diseases, most pathologies caused by bacteria are easy to prevent, however, they are not treated with due importance, becoming neglected diseases. The issue of control is always on the side of how to deal with the disease, both from a medical and individual perspective.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-3

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Article IJS-2021-0404 - Bone marrow transplantation and adverse reactions present in post-transplantation patients: a literature review

Authors - João Batista Ramos Neto; Edilene Maria da Silva; Josefa Gisele Lima da Silva; Keylla Arielle da Silva Leite; Georgia Lima de Freitas; Ayanny Mayara de Oliveira Marinho; Sidrielly Cecília Clarice de Assunção; Thalia Beatriz da Silva; Esthefane Karine Brandão Santiago; Noalyta Maelly da Silva; Evely Bezerra Melo de Araújo; Janaina Barbosa da Silva; Allyson Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes.

Abstract - The use of treatment through bone marrow transplantation has been very useful therapy and widely used in the fight against malignant and benign diseases. However, with appearances of some adverse reactions has unfavorable the development of such therapy. These types of reactions are related to the factor of histocompatibility between the donor and the recipient, with conditioning and type of graft that can be autologous or allogeneic. Developing complications after transplantation that may last for a long or short term.  The aim of this research was to make an analysis of the reactions after autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. Utilizing the literature review method, obtaining the results for autologous and allogeneic transplantation, in which it was observed that adverse reactions may manifest between heart diseases, post-transplant procedure, complications of respiratory and pulmonary airways, liver complications and infections, in addition to the lack of care for patients.


DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-4

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Article IJS-2021-0405 - Cardiac biomarkers for early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction: a literature review

Authors - Adrielle Nunes de Andrade Silva; Orlando Augusto de Morais Miranda; Dayana Correia de Almeida, Luciano Lins Júnior; Mateus Henrique Aragão de Sales; Ãndria Beatriz Félix de Araújo; Andriele Lais da Silva Xavier; Chantilly Geanne Conceição dos Santos; Severina Patrícia da Silva; Angela Maria da Silva; Rosana Ferreira da Silva; Natiane Carolaine da Silva; Samia Dayana Lemos de Lacerda; Thiago David dos Santos Silva.

Abstract - Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) known as heart attack is one of the main cardiovascular pathologies in Brazil, being caused by genetic and environmental factors. Aiming at the diagnosis in the first symptoms of the disease, biomarkers have become a useful tool. Present a literature review to identify cardiac biomarkers used in the diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction. This is a literature review using the descriptors "Cardiac Biomarkers", "Diagnosis" AND “Acute Myocardial Infarction" in the VHL, LILACS, PubMed and SCIELO databases. Enzymes are responsible for biological reactions, they together with proteins are used as markers for aim investigation. Creatine kinase fraction MB (CK-MB), Troponins, Myoglobin and Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) can be cited. In view of the presented, it is identified that the use of cardiac biomarkers is indispensable for the early diagnosis of the first hours of myocardial lesions.


DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-5

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Article IJS-2021-0406 - Use of medicinal plants for gynecological treatments by women from a rural zone in the State of Pernambuco – Brazil

Authors - Jayne Santos do Nascimento; Dayana Correia de Almeida; Luciano Lins Júnior; Mateus Henrique Aragão de Sales; Dallynne Bárbara Ramos Venancio; Igor Gustavo Alves das Neves; Maria Clara Bezerra Gabu; Janeide Arruda de Andrade; Michelle Ingrid Pereira de Souza; Geovanna Brenda Bezerra de Souza; Hildenê de Jesus Oliveira; Karine Vitória Nunes de França; Maria Paula de Lima Silva; Samia Dayana Lemos de Lacerda; Thiago David dos Santos Silva; Allyson Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes.

Abstract - The use of medicinal plants as an alternative treatment and cure is a practice used from older years to the most present days, marking the history and evolution of industrial medicine, contributing to the development and keeping alive the traditional medicinal culture. Still, in the development and evolution of the pharmaceutical industrial market, the high cost leads part of the population to make use of traditional medicine, emphasized and with greater force by the ethno-botanical knowledge of populations, and passed from generation to generation. The use of medicinal plants becomes feasible in populations that are distant from civilizations and do not have contact and access to basic care, both for treatment with industrialized drugs and the public policies of medicinal plants offered by the Unified Health System (SUS).  With a look focused on the practice of the use of medicinal plants as an alternative treatment in still small towns and extending civilizations. Through a descriptive field research, establish what the links of knowledge exist between the population of the century and its origins.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-6

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Article IJS-2021-0407 - The incidence of structural racism in the employability by psychology students at a private higher education institution in Pernambuco – Brazil

Authors - Ana Paula Cândido Bezerra; Anna Flávia Da Silva Cruz; Beatriz Barros Cordeiro; Fernando Francisco da Silva Filho; Juliane Pedrosa Jucá De Barros Brandt; Priscilla Machado Montezano Bastos; Pierre Teodosio Felix.

Abstract - Slavery emerged in antiquity reflecting to this day, like racism. In schools and corporate environments, this discriminatory act reveals that Brazilian racial democracy needs to be conquered. This reflection is observed in relation to employability because companies still decide hiring considering the ethnicity of the candidate. Thus, it is important in Brazil to create programs of qualification and professional ascension for blacks, being a path of social evolution in racial equity. With the pandemic caused by Coronavirus, some social problems experienced by the black population such as an increase in the percentage of unemployed and the decrease in the occupancy rate were reported by Daniel Silveira and Marta Cavallini in G1. Based on literature analyses and discussions based on the results of the questionnaire, this article shows the historical burden up to our present moment in relation to ethnicity and employability among students of the 9th/10th psychology periods at a private higher education institution in Pernambuco – Brazil.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-7

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Article IJS-2021-0408 - The influence of obesity on the worsening of inflammatory processes and Diabetes Mellitus

Authors - Elane Barbosa de Aguiar;José Carlos Domingues de França Filho; Maria Vitória Lins da Silva; Daniela Phênix Oliveira Guimarães; Wictória Brinalda Gomes Ferreira; Paulo Cesar da Silva; Maria Karolayny Barbosa Andrade Silva; Rosângela de Almeida Landim; Liandra Larissa Ferreira da Silva; Jerfesson Correia da Silva; Bruna Michele da Silva Almeida; Maria Geralda de Sousa Silva; Izabele Moreira dos Santos; Hellen Beatriz Gomes da Silva; Allyson Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes.

Abstract - Although today it is considered a chronic disease, for a long-time humanity has cultivated it as synonymous with    opulence and charm. However, as the main characteristic is hyperplasia and hypertrophy of adipose tissue cells Obesity has become more recurrent in the population due to the lifestyle change that promotes sedentary lifestyle, with dietary habits with excess calories and low fiber consumption. Affecting approximately 1.1 billion people and already considered an epidemic disease in many countries and is associated with several comorbidities, impairing the quality of patients' lives and increasing the number of associated diseases such as: type 2 cancer diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, more recent studies have shown that the pathology of these comorbidities is related to inflammatory responses of adipose tissue. Thus, based on the information exposed and the importance of the theme for collective health and well-being, this review article seeks to provide an understanding of inflammatory processes in obesity relating the involvement of adipose tissue as an endocrine organ and its    biochemical mediators.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-8

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Article IJS-2021-0409 - Relationship between the digestive system and emotions: a literature review

Authors - Edson André Batista; Agnys Cecylia Guaraná Melo; Jéssica Freires de Melo; Vitoria Aparecida Gomes da Silva; Marta Gabriely de Arruda Ribeiro; Marcio Martins da Silva; Camila Dayanne de Melo Moura; Ludmylla Pereira da Silva; Ariany Rebeka Salgado da Silva;  Jullyana Carollyna Eretiano Rodrigues de Lima; Brunna Lorenna Souza de Lira; Lenislâne da Silva Santos; Mateus Felipe da Silva Bezerra; Teresa Amélia Barros de Souza; Emanuella Barros de Souza Oliveira Álvares; Allyson Rodrigo de Oliveira Lopes.

Abstract - Emotions are essential factors for human survival, and through them the individual can express his feelings, sensations, something of very particular origin that is present in life. The work aims to evaluate the digestive system, in physiological terms, in pointing the main diseases, scores regarding emotions and symbology, besides analyzing the action directly in the process of development and illness of the organs that make up the digestive tract. The research is approached through bibliographic methods, in which it consists of an initial stage of all scientific or academic work. Emotions can affect the digestive system, because emotional problems cause various types of physical diseases, such as gastritis, in which it develops as a natural response to the organism that suffers an aggression to its integral process, but this natural return can cause the appearance of typical signs and symptoms of this disease.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-9

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Article IJS-2021-0410 - Benefits of early intervention in premature babies

Authors - Erivaldo Gomes da Silva; Bruna Rafaela Dornelas de Andrade Lima Monteiro; Ana Patrícia da Silva Souza; Anny Karolainy Silva de Lima; Sâmia Dayana Lemos de Lacerda.

Abstract - Early intervention in premature neonates aims to minimize complications and sequelae that are caused during their lifetime, especially in the first year of birth. The aim of this review was to analyze the benefits of early intervention in the neuropsychomotor development of premature newborns. For this, an integrative review of the literature was performed. The collection period was between September 2020 and June 2021. The search in the electronic databases resulted in the identification of 4,453 articles. After the initial analysis, 30 articles were identified and after reading the title and abstracts 22 articles were excluded because they did not meet the inclusion criteria. At the end of this process, according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria adopted, a total of 08 articles were selected for definitive inclusion in this review. In view of what was presented in this review article, it can be affirmed that early intervention is fundamental for the development of children for the facilitation of movements through stimuli.


DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-10

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Article IJS-2021-0411 - Contributions of physiotherapy in primary care for the reduction of diabetic comorbidities

Authors - Bruna Rafaela Dornelas de Andrade Lima Monteiro; Daniella Jhenifer da Silva Oliveira; Emyllaine Layara Barros de Araújo; Maria Hallana Souza Ribeiro; Mariana Maísa Galindo dos Santos; Sâmia Dayana Lemos de Lacerda; Thalia Nunes de Sousa Pereira.

Abstract - Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic syndrome characterized by increased blood glucose levels. This happens due to the lack or malfunction of the hormone responsible for the absorption of glucose, insulin. DM can also be characterized by deficit of other energy sources, causing several complications in vital organs. This study has as general objective to present therapeutic interventions to reduce diabetic comorbidities. The article was carried out through a literature review, information was collected in the databases: Pubmed/Medline, Scielo, LILACS and Google Scholar. Forty results were included presenting different study designs, totaling 46 individuals studied and diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and a narrative review with 10 articles analyzed, explaining different results in order to reduce and prevent comorbidities that can be developed by the disease. This study shows efficacy in the work of the physiotherapist, in the multidisciplinary team, focused on diabetic patients, especially in the prevention of the disease, in the treatment and prevention of complications. It is necessary to indicate those with higher risks of complications and offer more adequate assistance.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-11

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Article IJS-2021-0412 - Respiratory physiotherapic intervention in adult asthmatic patients: an integrative review of literature

Authors - Anny Karolainy Silva de Lima; Erivaldo Gomes da Silva; Bruna Rafaela Dornelas de Andrade Lima Monteiro; Sâmia Dayana Lemos de Lacerda; Catarina Souza Ferreira Rattes Lima.

Abstract - The aim of this study is to analyze the evidence on respiratory physiotherapy intervention in adult asthmatic patients. Through an integrative literature review in medline/pubmed, LILACS and PEDro databases, studies without language restriction, published between 2009 and 2021. Those who used interventions in children and the elderly were excluded, as well as literature review studies, book chapters, dissertations and theses. After the search of the articles in the aforementioned databases, a total of 969 articles were found. When applying the eligibility criteria, 8 articles were selected to make up the present study. In view of the above, it can be affirmed that there is evidence that supports the importance of respiratory interventions in adult patients with asthma. Breathing exercises can provide short/long-term benefits, which are important for better disease control and quality of life. Education programs with asthma patients are also effective, because the broad knowledge of the disease, as well as the guidelines, interfere in the reduction of morbidity and a better quality of life.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-12

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Article IJS-2021-0413- Characterization and profile of adults with spinal cord injury treated at a physiotherapy school clinic in the interior of the State of Pernambuco – Brazil

Authors - Elizama Rafaella dos Santos; Lísley Nayara Alves de Lima; Natália Paula Silva de Lima; Saledja Rodrigues dos Santos; Thaísa de Souza Silva; Sâmia Dayana Lemos de Lacerda; Bruna Rafaela Dornelas de Andrade Lima Monteiro.

Abstract - Spinal cord injury (SCI) is an invaluable public health problem, with an incidence of 40 to 80 injuries per million people per year, resulting in trauma, disease or birth defect that causes changes in sensitivity and motor function, whose impairments depend on the level reached. The aim of this study was to characterize the cause and level of SCI, as well as to describe the age group and gender of these patients seen at a Physiotherapy School Clinic in the state of Pernambuco in 2020. This is an exploratory, descriptive and quantitative study. Forty-two medical records of patients in the neurology department of the school clinic were analyzed and those with a closed diagnosis of SCI were included. After evaluating the eligibility criteria, 9 patients were included in the research. The collected data were analyzed, interpreted and exposed through graphs and demonstrated by mean or percentage. It is concluded that the study confirms the highest prevalence of complete TYPE LM, thus being the majority of wheelchair patients. Thoracic injury was the most common level and the main etiology was gunshot wound. All medical records evaluated were of male patients, with a mean age of 39 years.


DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-13

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Article IJS-2021-0414- Effects of early mobilization in reducing hospitalization time in critical patients in intensive care unit: an integrative literature review

Authors - Maria Hallana Souza Ribeiro; Bruna Rafaela Dornelas de Andrade Lima Monteiro; Palloma Emanuelly Dornelas de Melo; Sâmia Dayana Lemos de Lacerda.

Abstract - The intensive care unit (ICU) is the place in the hospital designed to offer advanced life support and continuous care to sick patients with an imminent risk of death. Critical patients in the ICU may present some disorders due to immobility in the bed, resulting in muscle changes, cardiopulmonary complications and cognitive deficiencies. These factors can prolong the hospital stay of these patients, increasing the risk of complications and death. To analyze the effects of early mobilization in reducing the length of hospital stay in critically ill patients in the intensive care unit. It was an integrative literature review, with data obtained through research in the electronic databases: PubMed / MedLine, Scientific Electronic Library Online (Scielo), International Literature in Health Sciences (LILACS) and Google Scholar, in the months from August 2020 to June 2021, without language restrictions. Six articles were found that met the eligibility criteria, which were included in the integrative literature review. Through the results found, there was a decrease in the length of hospital stay of critical patients undergoing early intervention in the ICU, however, no significant differences were found between the groups. Further studies are needed to expand the evidence regarding the topic addressed.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-14

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Article IJS-2021-0415- Physiotherapeutic performance in the context of palliative care: an integrative review of the literature

Authors - Maria Carolina Falcão Carneiro de Albuquerque; Luciene Pereira Coelho de Azevedo; Bruna Rafaela Dornelas de Andrade Lima Monteiro.

Abstract - To investigate the role of the physiotherapist in the context of palliative care. This is a study of the integrative review of the literature, with the purpose of identifying the role of the physiotherapist in the context of palliative care. Held in February 2021 and May 2021. Health databases were used: SciELO, PubMed/Medline and Lilacs. The search in electronic databases resulted in the identification of 310 articles. After the initial analysis, 69 articles were identified and after reading the title and abstracts 36 articles were excluded because they did not meet the inclusion criteria. At the end of this process, according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria adopted, a total of 08 articles were selected for definitive inclusion in this review.  In view of what was presented in this review article, it can be affirmed that the physiotherapist has a vast field of action before patients under palliative care, ranging from primary care to tertiary, providing support to the patient and his/her family members.

​DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-15

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Article IJS-2021-0416- Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Manual In Lymphedema Treatment In Post-Mastectomy Women: Integrative Review

Authors - Aline Maciel de Oliveira; Valeria Ferreira dos Santos; Bruna Rafaela Dornelas de Andrade Lima Monteiro; Sâmia Dayana Lemos de Lacerda; Maria Rosana de Souza Ferreira.

Abstract - Given the great impact that breast cancer has on women, especially after mastectomy, this theme is relevant based on the longing to help and bring a better recovery with a view to reducing edema caused by the surgical procedure, contributing to physical and psychological improvements for patients. This study aims to identify the benefits of lymphatic drainage in the postoperative period of mastectomy. The present study refers to a literature review, for which articles indexed in the databases "VHL", "SCIELO" and PUBMED were selected. The keywords used were "mastectomy"; "drainage" and "lymphedema". The inclusion criteria in this research were the literature reviews made between 2004 and 2021, written in Portuguese and English and whose study was done with women.  Several benefits of physiotherapy treatment were identified through manual lymphatic drainage technique such as pain relief, lymph node clearance and conduction to an area.

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-16

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Article IJS-2021-0417- SEX EDUCATION - TEACHING FOR RESPECT: The perception of different social actors about different levels of education

Authors - Laysa Adrielle Juvêncio Nascimento; Janaina Barbosa da Silva; Andreza Júlia de Lima; Rayane Victoria Rodrigues Chagas; Lucineide Barbosa Lima.

Abstract - This article arose from concerns coming from observations of the day-to-day of a school of the Private Network of the municipality of Caruaru, in Pernambuco. Concerns related to the sexuality of the students, which is increasingly a surfaced. Therefore, our general objective is: To understand how Sexual Education is approached by different actors, at different levels of Education. For, often, they only deal with this theme with adolescents, forgetting that children also have a sexuality. Thus, we used the ethnographic research, based on Marli André, with bibliographic research, daily observations and interviews with teachers, management team and students. Thus, we have a variety of visions in the face of the same theme, which is still full of taboos and prejudices. However, our children and adolescents need to debate about it and talk about what they feel and what they live, learning respect (to themselves and others).

DOI 10.29327/229003.2.1-17

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