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Volume 4, Número 3, Ano: 2022,
ISSN: 2763-5392


IJS-1201 Sexual education in adolescence: analysis of knowledge and behavior of schoolchildren

Author(s): Santos, E.V.S.; Nascimento, L.V.A.; Nunes, K.G.; Aguiar, N.C.S.; Silva, E.R.; Melo, J.D.L.; Silva, S.C.S.P; Xavier, L.N.; Oliveira, M.B.; Santos, M.J.L.; Lima, M.S.A. 

Abstract: Encouraging early sexual initiation, misinformation about sexual health and inexperience to deal with feelings in affective relationships make adolescents more vulnerable to the acquisition of Sexually Transmitted Infections. Itis relevant to provide correct information about sexuality in order to ensure safe and satisfactory practices among adolescents. This study aims to analyze the knowledge and behavior of school adolescents about sexual health. It was observed that 08 articles comprised the final sample of the study. There are still gaps related to the sex education methods used by schools, which use a biological vision to provide guidance to adolescents, impacting the low level of knowledge and the adoption of risky practices and behaviors for acquiring Sexually Transmitted Infections and for teenage pregnancy.

Keywords: Promotion to health in the school environment; Sexuality; Teenager's health.

DOI:  10.29327/229003.4.3-1

IJS-1202 Use of electrostimulation in outpatients after ischemic stroke

Author(s): Lima, D.C.P.; Silva, M.V.V.; Silva, E.L.; Andrade, J.M.A.; Inacio, E.J.; Silva, A.S.; Silva, L.A.; Lima, M.C.S.; Silva, P. R.R.; Oliveira, H.L.C.R.; Souza, A.C.A. 

Abstract: Stroke is considered the 2nd most fatal disease worldwide, this pathology, is responsible for physical and cognitive sequelae for the consequences of its aggressiveness that damages the structures and functions of the brain, where it interferes effectively in the quality of life of those affected. Following a literature review, in the current year 2022, the following electronic databases were used: VHL, SciELO, MEDLINE, PEDro and PubMed between 2012 and 2022. The Boolean operator AND was used to association the following descriptors: Stroke. Electrostimulation. Physiotherapy. Rehabilitation. The main relevant changes due to the obstruction of brain vascular regions provide neural deficit, loss of function of the region to the affected area and irreversible functional conditions of affected individuals who survived this pathology. Physiotherapy through techniques, studies and emphasis on the use of functional electrostimulation has the role of safeguarding the functionalities of affected individuals.

Keywords: Stroke. Electrostimulation. Physiotherapy. Rehabilitation

DOI:  10.29327/229003.4.3-2

IJS-1203 The influence of the knowledge of nurses working on the family health strategy in the process of breastfeeding

Author(s): Freitas, A.I.; Carneiro, C.D.A.; Silva, M.P.L.; Silva, M.D.L.A.; Silva, A.M.A.; Junior, J.S.S.; Maria, R.; Santos, M.L.L.; Rosas, B.M.A.; Silva, J.D.B.; Silva, M.K.L.G.; Martins, M.R.G.S.; Oliveira, J.V.; Lima, M.S.A. 

Abstract: The success of breastfeeding depends on the commitment of professionals to encourage breastfeeding. This study aimed to evaluate the influence of the knowledge of nurses from the Basic Health Units (UBS) of Feira Nova in the promotion of THE. Descriptive, exploratory study with quantitative approach. There was a higher prevalence of nurses aged between 31 and 40 years (50.0%), females (87.5%) and with specialization (100.0%). Only 40.8% of children between 0 and 6 months are exclusively breastfed , 47.9% of children between 07 months and 02 years do not breastfeed anymore. The level of knowledge was lower than expected in relation to the general knowledge of breastfeeding and moderate in relation to management. 62.5% claimed to work the theme through groups, 75.0% use the waiting room, 75.0% lectures and 75.0% guide the consultations. New health education strategies need to be used in order to improve positive rates for breastfeeding.

Keywords: Breastfeeding. Nursing. Care

DOI:  10.29327/229003.4.3-3

IJS-1204 Characterization of reports of Congenital Syphilis in Pernambuco from 2018 to 2019

Author(s): Melo, J.D.L.; Andrade, H.K.G.; Araújo, S.M.S.S.; Silva, S.J.S.G.; Costa, E.M.S.; Barros, A.C.B.L.; Salgado, I.M.; Azevedo, J.P.V.; Lima, J.K.B.; Pereira, S.G.; Souza, A.C.A. 

Abstract: Syphilis is a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs) caused by the bacterium Treponema Pallidum, which can be controlled through effective public health actions and measures, due to effective and low-cost treatment. The congenital form of syphilis is a serious outcome, since most newborns have physical, sensory or developmental sequelae, when they do not result in fetal and perinatal loss. This is a public health problem that remains an important challenge in Brazil. To characterize the prevalence of congenital syphilis in the state of Pernambuco between 2018 and 2019. This is a descriptive, observational, quantitative study, using secondary data from the Database of the Unified Health System - DATASUS/Ministry of Health. Tabbed by TABNET. Through the database of the Notifiable Diseases Information System (SINAN), notifications for congenital syphilis in the state of Pernambuco were evaluated from 2018 to 2019. The results showed that there were 2,731 reported cases of Congenital Syphilis in the state of Pernambuco from 2018 to 2019. Where the age group with the highest number of infected children are those with less than 07 days, corresponding to 96.48%, already in relation to the age group of the mother, the most affected is between 20 and 29 years. Even with a considerable number of 79.75% of pregnant women who underwent prenatal care, most partners did not have treatment, with a percentage of 38.92%. With the high number of confirmed cases of congenital syphilis, it is necessary to create strategies to reduce these numbers, it is necessary to reflect on the deficiencies in the quality of prenatal care services. It is known that vertical transmission of the disease is prevent Table, provided that the pregnant woman is diagnosed and treated appropriately. 

Keywords: Prenatal. Congenital syphilis. Information System

DOI:  10.29327/229003.4.3-4

IJS-1205 Analysis of the impact of nurses' actions on health education of hypertensive and diabetic patients in a basic unit in Pernambuco

Author(s): Silva, E.J.S.; Lima, I.C.R.; Santos, K.E.S.; Araujo, A.B.F.; Carneiro, C.D.A.; Silva, E.R.; Lira, E.B.; Leão, J.S.L.; Soares, R.M.L.; lima, R.K.H.; Silva, I.F.; Araujo, S.M.S.S.; Oliveira, J.V.; Lima, M.S.A. 

Abstract: Health education is the foundation for the non-pharmacological control of hypertension and diabetes and proposes reflection on the importance of co-responsibility for self-care. This study aimed to analyze the impact of nurses' actions on health education of hypertensive and diabetic patients in a Basic Health Unit. This was a descriptive, interventionist study with a quantitative approach. Most of the participants were female, married, with incomplete elementary school. The most prevalent risk factors were: family history, stress and sedentary lifestyle. There was an increase in understanding about the concepts of diseases, lifestyle habits, importance of non-pharmacological treatment, recognition and prevention of complications, frequency and quality of food and frequency and duration of physical activity. The findings reinforced the importance of the role of nurses as a health educator and as a promoter of changes in life habits, contributing to the control of diseases.

Keywords: Primary Care. Health education. Hypertension and diabetes

DOI:  10.29327/229003.4.3-5

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