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Volume 5, Número 2, Ano: 2023,
ISSN: 2763-5392


IJS-1401 Incidence of hypothermia in preterm neonates with gestational age below 34 weeks admitted to the ICU

Author(s): Neves, C.C.S.; Lima, A.S.S.; Feliciano, G.S.S.; Queiroz, I.I.A.; Bezerra, M.P.M.; Lira, V.A.G.; Gomes, T.T.O.; Santana, M.R.S.; Silva, M.L.A.; Lacerda, S.D.L.; Silva, M.V.T.; Souza, A.C.A. 

Abstract: Hypothermia is a constant concern of professionals who work with newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit. Brazil ranks 16th in deaths related to complications of prematurity, and one of these complications is hypothermia. The aim of this study is to analyze the prevalence of preterm infants who underwent hypothermia at birth, and their stability in the first 24 hours of life. This is a descriptive, quantitative, exploratory and prospective study carried out in a maternity hospital in the city of Vitória de Santo Antão-PE. 74 newborns under 34 weeks of gestational age participated in the study, but only 38 met the inclusion criteria, with a minimum weight of 935g and a maximum of 2,425g. The incidence of hypothermia on admission to the NICU was 100% (n=38), the adequate and complete use of physical means (plastic bag and cap) managed to reduce the time for temperature stabilization.

Keywords: Premature. Intensive care. Temperature corporal. 


DOI:  10.29327/229003.5.2-1

IJS-1402 Nursing perception regarding the care of patients with chronic renal failure

Author(s): Nascimento, L.M.S.; Lemos, R.L.L.; Barboza, B.M.S.; Silva, L.R.; Araújo, S.M.S.S.; Lacerda, S.D.L.; Silva, L.L.; Silva, G.S.A.; Assis, R.H.; Melo, F.M.S.; Souza, A.C.A.

Abstract: Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is a disease that affects the functionality of the kidneys, and can cause irreversible organ failure over time. The rate of patients requiring renal replacement therapies, such as hemodialysis, is growing in the country. The main treatment used for chronic kidney disease is hemodialysis, which acts as a blood filter, excluding all toxins and excess fluid by means of a machine that has its activity presented as an artificial type of kidney, where a dialysis compound is applied, which its main component is water. To describe the role of the nursing team during the treatment of the patient. A literature review, of the integrative type, which searched articles in secondary databases, Lilacs, SciELO, in the period between 2007 and 2017. A total of 30 articles were found and after the exclusion criterion, 05 articles were analyzed. The nursing team is very important in the development of quality of life, treatment, care management, and coping process with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Conclusion: the nursing team has a primary role for quality of life, survival and treatment success.

Keywords: Kidney Disease; Hemodialysis; Patient.

DOI: 10.29327/229003.5.2-2

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